Brand Colors: A Guide to 13 Top Tech Companies and Their Brand Colors

Brand colors are an essential element of any company. They allow you to stand apart from the crowd while standing for something. Think of any company. What comes to mind? And how does that make you feel? Those feelings don’t just come from anywhere. They are meticulously designed and refined to stand the test of time by the marketing and design teams through psychology and societal norms.

17 Updates to Decrease Bounce Rate

Sometimes people come to your site and leaving without taking another action. No button click, no link click, and no next page. And in turn, a high bounce rate. People may view one page, poke around, and leave without viewing another or fill a form. They “bounce” before you’ve had a chance to convert them. And while you want your metrics to trend high, you don’t want a high bounce rate.

A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics is essential in today’s web. Google Analytics a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports on website traffic. By Installing Google Analytics through a simple script placed on every page of your site, Google can track and report on a wealth of information regarding visitors and how they spend their time while on your website. By the end of reading A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Google Analytics, you will have a wealth of information at your fingertips ready to be uncovered.