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11 Signs You Should Invest In a New Website

11 Signs You Should Invest In a New Website

1. Its Not Mobile Friendly / Responsive

Do you use your phone or tablet to go online? For most people the answer is yes. And your prospective customers are just like you. They desire the information they want quickly, easily, and on the go. If you don’t have a responsive site you are subjecting your prospects to a subpar experience. Your also hurting yourself in ranking for Google.

2. Unable to Easily Find Information on Site

Today’s Internet user wants to have information at their fingertips that’s easy to find. Your website should be no different. Your navigation system and the design of pages should allow for the user to find the info they desire.

3. Not SEO Friendly

Every website must be SEO friendly. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Gone are the days of the yellow pages and searching manually. Now all a person has to do is google your name.and with some knowledge and manipulation you can lead them right to you. Each page needs to be geared to a certain aspect of your company. Avoid without keyword stuffing. Each page needs to be optimized towards its specific term or word.

4. Content Is Difficult to Update / No CMS

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. If these names sound foreign and are unfamiliar you should investigate them. These are Content Management Systems (CMS). They make it easy to update and keep your website current with the need to know html and css.

5. Your Site Has a Splash Page

There should have be only 1 reason a person doesn’t enter to your homepage directly – an adult content site. If you need to make sure the individual is over 18 such as for an alcohol or gambling site. Other than that, the first page a user should see is the homepage with relevant content.

6. You Don’t Like to Share Your Website

Sharing your website is absolutely free. Free promotion. Free word of mouth. A free chance for a sale. If you don’t like to share your website stop reading this right now. There is no need to read the last half of this post. Your website is your brand that people see even before talking to you. It needs to speak for you when your not there. If you don’t share it, or are embarrassed of it you’re doing it all wrong.

7. Your Site is Not Consistent with Your Brand

At no point should your brand become fragmented. This includes across your website. All your marketing materials need to have the same feel to them. Without that consistency you risk mixing messages and confusing your prospective customer. Ultimately, you want your user to see your message with clarity. And an inconsistent brand will dilute that message.

8. You’ve Been Thinking About It / Putting It Off

It’s a big decision to update your website. And it no doubt weighs on you to get things right. And all the unknowns. What I can recommend here is learning about the process of a redesign and what’s involved. With an educated mindset you can tackle the project at hand and not be a victim of analysis paralysis.

9. It Doesn’t Include Social Media

Any website today must promote its presence on social media. Find out which platform your prospective customers are on and get a presence on it. And consider bringing the platform onto your site. Twitter and Instagram have easy to install applications to allow for just that. At minimum your site should include links to other sites that your company is on.

10. Your Design is Outdated

OK. This one seems pretty easy and obvious. You’d be surprised how many sites look and feel like they were created in the 90s. And not in a retro on purpose kind of way. Many owners believe that just because they have a site that that’s enough. Little do they know that people want to feel like they’re buying something they are proud to associate with. And a dated site will deter many individuals. Many sites today could be pulling in more conversions if they made it feel more up to date and welcoming.

11. It’s Flash Based

Nothing says more dated than a flash site. Flash is the uncle trying to look cool with the young kids. Namely html5 and css3. Anything flash can do, strict code can do as well. And all without an extra application installed on your browser. And no one wants to maintain a html AND flash site.


When it comes down to it deciding to redesign your website is a big decision. Some sites need an up level, some don’t. This list serves as a starter list to help determine if you need one. If you fall into one of these eleven categories I would recommend a redesign.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash