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11 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Graphic and Web Designers

As a designer, saving time and improving your workflow is essential. And Chrome Extensions do just that. Chrome Extensions are add-ons to the popular web browser that add specific functionalities. Below are 11 of the best Chrome extensions for graphic and web designers.


Amino is a live CSS editor where you can update any website and see your changes in real-time. This allows you to customize websites using your stylesheets. It also allows you to fix bugs in rendering or you can save your styles and sync them to your Google account.

Amino: Live CSS Editor at the Chrome Web Store

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is the best screen capture extension on the market. With it, you can capture your screen via screenshot and record your screen in video format. For the recording, you have three choices. You can record your desktop, the tab, or the cam. As for the capture feature, you can capture the visible selection, a full web page, or a selected area.

Awesome Screenshot at the Chrome Web Store

Broken Link Checker

Want to find all the broken links on a webpage? Broken Link Checker is the extension you need. Broken Link Checker can scan a page or your whole site and provide a report within minutes.

Broken Link Checker at the Chrome Web Store


With ColorZilla you can find the colors used on a website via the picker within seconds.

Colorzilla at the Chrome Web Store

CSS Scan

Gives you the ability to see and adjust the CSS for any element on any website. Copy and paste to your editor or adjust CSS directly on the screen.

CSS Scan at the Chrome Web Store

Fonts Ninja

Fonts Ninja allows you to have access to more than 3000 popular fonts. With Fonts Ninja you can instantly try a font in design software. Also, display every font used on a website for quick and easy recall.

Fonts Ninja at the Chrome Web Store

Google Tag Assistant Companion

With Google Tag Assistant Companion you can verify that you have installed your Google tags (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.) properly.

Google Tag Assistant Companion at the Chrome Web Store

Google Debugger

You can send information including error messages and warnings which can let you know if your tracking code is set up properly.

Google Debugger at the Chrome Web Store


LastPass allows you to save and store individual passwords for every site where a password is needed.

LastPass at the Chrome Web Store

Loom allows you to quickly and easily relay messages to others with ease via video. Whether it’s onboarding new employees, troubleshooting customer issues, or reviewing code, Loom will reduce the back-and-forth inherent in technical situations.

Loom at the Chrome Web Store

Window Resize

This extension does exactly what you’d expect — resize a browser screen size to preset resolutions. The extension allows you to use the preset viewports or completely customize and save screen sizes. It’s a must-have for any web designer.

Window Resize at the Chrome Web Store

I hope I’ve piqued your interest to at least download one of the above extensions. This post only covers 11 of my favorite extensions, but there are hundreds more.