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The Best Graphic Design Memes

You Are A Designer - Michael Lutjen

2020 has been a crazy year for all of this. Now that it is coming to an end (thank god!) it’s time to take a breath and enjoy some of these last moments. In this post, I’ve compiled the best graphic design memes on the internet. So grab a coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy. And don’t forget to share this on FB or Twitter!

Final Document Meme
Do Designers Sleep?
Office Space
Winter is Coming
File Name
designer Desk
User Experience
More Fonts
Client budget
High Res Logo
Fonts on my Computer
 5 Fonts
Client Request
Magic Wand
Ariana Grande a Font?
What did you study?
Client Budget
Client Designer Relationship
PhotoShop Level
72 DPI
Font Choice
Client Says No
A Designer's Makeup
The Designer Lean