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The 25 Things I Love About Being a Graphic Designer

The 25 Things I Love About Being a Graphic Designer 

It all started on the blank canvases of recycled paper that would be folded and taped just enough to cover my math, history, and english school books. That fresh and spotless brown hue inviting me to scrawl and doodle band names and flourishes adding a bit of life to their otherwise empty existence. This is where I learned the cursive of the Jane’s Addiction logo. And the NIN box logo with the backwards “N” for symmetry. Subtle nuances that would help further express each of the band’s brands. This was my introduction to graphic design. And I knew at that point that’s what I wanted to do for a living. My a-ha moment. And it’s one of the 25 Things I love about being a graphic designer.

  1. Being creative
  2. The process of design
  3. The a-ha moment in every project
  4. I’m always learning
  5. Your choices evoke feelings
  6. Working with many types of companies
  7. Being a problem solver
  8. The ability to inspire
  9. Design helps companies communicate who they are to the larger population
  10. I learn how to listen better
  11. Design alone can help companies get noticed
  12. I get to draw and sketch every day
  13. I don’t know who will be the next client
  14. Design is all around us everyday
  15. Design is always evolving
  16. Job security – every company will need a designer at some point
  17. You can help create a brand from nothing
  18. You can design your own swag
  19. Being part of a larger group in AIGA
  20. You Translate concepts into reality
  21. Every day is unique
  22. You get to collaborate with other creatives
  23. Seeing your work in public places
  24. You’ll never see the world the same again
  25. We live in a time where, if lucky, millions can see my work

To this day I am still intrigued by band logos. And more so the ability to create every day. And of course, i’m always searching for that a-ha moment in every project whether it’s a small project like an invitation or poster. Or a larger project like a website redesign.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash