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20 Things Never Say to Your Graphic Designer

20 Things Never To Say to Your Graphic Designer

In my 25 years in the design world, I’ve seen just about everything there is to see. Some good. Some bad. And definitely some ugly. Luckily for me, most has been good. In that time, I’ve come to expect the worst and hope for the best from potential and actual customers. The list below is a list of those not so good times. It’s a list of the 20 Things Never Say to Your Graphic Designer. And yes, I’ve heard every single one of these.

  1. Can you create several designs so we can pick the one we like best?
  2. I know a designer that will do this job for $ (insert amount). Can you do it for that price?
  3. Can you do something real quick?
  4. Can you create the final in a format we can edit later?
  5. Can you photoshop it in/out?
  6. Can you make one more change? It’ll be the last update…
  7. Can you use this image I found online?
  8. Can you replicate the look from this designer?
  9. Can you have this by tomorrow?
  10. Can you make it pop?
  11. I started this in (insert program name) can you finish it?
  12. How much will it cost to create a website/logo/etc?
  13. You’re the expert, do your creative magic.
  14. Can you design it and we’ll place the copy in later.
  15. Why is it so much?
  16. Can you use the logo on my website?
  17. That’s easy, I could do that.
  18. It’s ok, it looks good on my screen
  19. I think we should go back to your original concept.
  20. I can’t pay you but you’ll get loads of exposure / you can put my company name in your portfolio.